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3D Face Mask

This is an adaptation of Nanay Express’s tutorial on YouTube. In this version, I’ve added a third layer/filter, a removeable nose wire pocket and adjusted the size to fit more face shapes.


  • 2 x cotton rectangles (26x20cm)
  • 2 x 17cm ear loops


  • 1 x nose wire
  • 1 x cotton rectangle (13x5cm, nose wire pocket)
  • 1 x muslin cotton (26x20cm, for the inner filter)

The tutorial will include everything on these lists, but I’ve split them in this way in case you only have the time or resources to do the minimum required.

Outside layer: 1a, 1b
Inner layer: 2a, 2b, 2c
Filter: 3


  1. Cut the fabric to shape. If using printed fabric, have one rectangle each of plain (inside) and printed (outside) fabric. For the nose wire pocket, use the same fabric used on the inner side.
  2. Fold 2a (nose wire pocket) in half lengthways, tuck in the outer edges and sew along the short edge on the right. The folded edge should be at the bottom.
  3. Place 2a at the top and centre of 2b/c combined, then sew along the left and bottom edges for the nose wire pocket.
    1. Tip: Fold 2a and 2b in half to find the centre and make a little crease to mark.
  4. Place the printed fabric on top – right-way-down (i.e. 1a should be facing 2a/b).
  5. Fold from left to right, then bottom upwards, so all open corners are together.
  6. Either measure 5cm from each corner, or use your template to mark. Cut along the diagonal.
  7. Open up, then sew along the edges marked.
  8. Cut along the corners, being careful not to trim the stitching.
  9. Turn inside out and iron. Tuck in the raw sides and iron them down too.
  10. Fold and iron down where marked.
  11. Tuck in the ear loops and sew in place.
  12. Mark 3cm from each edge and sew where marked..
  13. Sew along the length of the mask (this is optional, but makes it look neater and holds the inner filter in place, if using one).
  14. Insert the nose wire and you’re done! ๐Ÿ™‚
    1. Tip: Tape in the edges to prevent the wires from poking out.
    2. Always remove the nose wire before washing.

Additional Tips:

  • For those with a longer face, simply adjust the height accordingly.
  • If you’ll be making a lot with different outer prints, prep a bunch of the inner layers first (2&3) to save having to switch out the thread and bobbins for different colours.
  • Ironing things down before sewing makes things easier and gives a crisp finish.
  • T-shirt yarn make comfortable ear loops whilst recycling old clothes.

I love this pattern because it’s easy, low in fabric waste and is so much more comfortable to wear because there’s more room inside to breathe! If you have a nose wire in place, it’s good for those of us who wear glasses too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy sewing~ ๐Ÿงต
Naomi xxx

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