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Charity Donation Calculator

I made a spreadsheet to log charity donations and thought others might find it useful too. 🙂 It calculates 2.5% of your disposable income after you’ve logged in your income and outgoings:

It was inspired by zakat al maal in Islam, which my partner (who is Muslim) explained to me. In a nutshell, 2.5% of surplus wealth (i.e. anything outside of essential living costs) is annually donated to those in need.

I misremembered the concept at the time of making this, and did it to calculate 2.5% of disposable income after all other outgoing costs (bills, food, savings, leisure etc.). This version is made to be used once a month, rather than once a year, but you can tweak the formulas according to your preference.

There are Notes in the cells with explanations on how to use the spreadsheet. 🙂


Here are some charities/causes I’ve either donated to or intend to, for the sake of making them easy to find and help spread the word. I’ll update this list over time.


Yuri’s Story via Asian Boss:
Interview 01 / Interview 02 / PayPal
Yuri was blacklisted after becoming an activist during the military coup in Myanmar (Feb’21) and has since escaped to South Korea, having already made plans to study there prior to the coup. Her visa will expire very soon and is at risk of death if deported. She spends her time studying, working to make ends meet and raising awareness of the situation in Myanmar, using her platform as a model and public figure.


Fatima’s Story & Fundraiser
Help Fatima – Afghanistan’s first female tour guide – settle into her new life after escaping the Taliban’s rule, so she can continue her work to help more women in Afghanistan.

Choose Love

Black Lives Matter

Black Minds Matter
Funding therapy for the Black community in the UK.

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