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Face Covering

In light of the global pandemic, COVID-19, I’ve put together a template for a face covering that can be made at home.

This is ready to print in A4, but if you don’t have a printer, the measurements are provided for you to follow.

You’ll need to secure the bottom edge so the seams aren’t exposed when you open the pocket to insert a filter.


— Photos to come! —


Remember, face coverings…

✔ When worn properly, creates a barrier between you and other people.
✔ Reduces the risk of touching your face.
✔ Are better than nothing when out in public.

✘ Not an excuse to stop social distancing.
✘ …or wash your hands regularly.

The distinction between ‘face coverings’ and ‘face masks’ is that coverings aren’t medically certified. Given stock shortages around the world, this is a more feasible way to protect ourselves until, a.) PPE is readily available for all, b.) a vaccine is found.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stay safe and well~
Naomi xxx

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