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T-Shirt Yarn

Many thanks to ___ for her YouTube tutorial on this! I’ve added an extra step at the end, for personal preference. I wrote this as a post ’cause I can’t always be bothered to load a video to re-jog my memory!

  1. Cut away the top and bottom parts, so you’re left with a tube.
  2. Fold upwards twice, leaving a little space at the top. The open (non-sewn) edges should be on the outside.
  3. Cut straight strips, using your thumb as a guide for width (or a ruler, if you want to be more precise)
  4. Place your arm under the non-cut length and cut where marked.
  5. Stretch the fabric so it forms a neat tubular shape.

This yarn is handy for crocheting or sewing into face masks for ear loops (way more comfortable than elastic!).

Happy crafting~ 🙂

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